The importance of a website

and the many things to think of.

Why would you have a website made?

In our opinion, a good website does not consist of a few pictures and a bit of text that have been thrown onto the internet. Even though there are platforms like Wix and Squarespace which are relatively simple, you end up with a simple website, that probably ends up doing nothing. How much knowledge does an average person have of SEO, safety, the last trends regarding web design, of strong and search engine friendly texts, where the CTA goes, etc. For the things that turn your website into a marketing tool that works for you, hire an agency.

Why do you even need a site?

Your website is often the first thing people see of your business. A (potential) customer is not only looking for complete information, but also for a trustworthy and professional look and feel. Are you going to order a service or product from a company with an amateurish website? Or from a company that offers no information at all online? Probably not.

Sure Connection.

In the past 7 years, we have made more than 29 websites. We have seen an enormous amount of changes along the way. Where you used to get away with a site that just looks nice, now you have to pay attention to a multitude of things. And we keep up with those changes, so that you get a site that doesn’t just make you proud, and that goes great with your business, but that can also be used as a marketing tool, so that you will make back your investment. An extensive digital face to your company, so that you are proud of your online visibility.

A few websites from our portfolio

“Great new website, exactly as I pictured it. A good combination of design and text.”

Marcel Verkaik/MASA print

Power call about your wishes and the posibilities

Briefing about goal and target audience

Setting up basics such as hosting, theme, demos

Creating content

Adding texts and images

Arranging technical details

Safety and findability


A complete website that you are proud of and they will achieve its goals!

A website of 5 pages usually comes to about 1500 euros

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Are you ready?


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