The client agrees to these terms as soon as a written agreement to the assignment is given (via email is the norm).

An initial conversation per Skype or phone with us is always free of charge and noncommittal. We will discuss your wishes and the possibilities we can offer.

Price quote:
After the initial conversation, you receive a proposal with a price quote from us. The price quote is also free of charge and noncommittal. There is an end date on the price quote. If you accept the quote after that date, it is possible that some amounts need to be adjusted. If the price quote turns out not to comply with your wishes, we will be happy to adapt it for you.

All mentioned prices and rates are excluding 21% tax. This will be added to the invoice.

Additional services:
Services that are not mentioned in the price quote are not included in the agreed upon price. If the client requests additional services or products, the price will be adapted accordingly.

After agreement:
When you’ve given your written consent to the quote, we will start work for you. The costs of the work that has been done are for the client.

Billing for a short-term assignment:
When we have finished a short-term assignment, you will receive the invoice.

Sometimes, an intermediate invoice is necessary. This will be clearly indicated on the quote.

The date of placement, ordering print work, or other action from the side of the client are not of influence. When we have finished our part of the work, we send an invoice. Of course, we do check with the client to see if the assignment has been completed fully and to satisfaction.

Billing for long-term assignments:
If an assignment takes more than a month to complete, we will invoice on the first workday of the new month for work done in the month prior. This way, the client never has to pay the whole amount in one go, but we spread out payment and keep our cashflow healthy. Sometimes an intermediate payment is necessary. This will be clearly indicated on the quote or discussed later.

By exception, the client might receive the invoice a few days later than the first workday of the month, for example if the assignment has almost been completed at the end of the month. Then the final invoice will be sent a few days later.

Termination before completion:
If the assignment is terminated in writing before completion of the assignment, for whichever reason, we will send an invoice for the work that has been done up to that date which needs to be paid by the client. Any work that has not been completed remains our intellectual property.

Checking and own responsibility:
The client has the end responsibility to check and approve the work delivered by us. Of course, we strive to supply faultless work, but we cannot be held responsible for (spelling) mistakes. Also, any costs that may result from this are for the client. Fixing any mistakes and, for example, printing costs are for the client in case they approved the work delivered.

Approving work:
When the client has paid the invoice for the work delivered, this is an automatic acceptance of the work delivered. After that, any adaptations will not be free of charge, unless agreed upon.

Paying on time:
When we have delivered our work at the agreed upon time, we greatly appreciate it if the invoice for that work is also paid on time. Our standard payment term is 14 days. The payment term may differ from this standard: this will be put in writing beforehand. When the payment takes too long, we will pass the invoice on to a collection agency. And we charge for this. These charges will be at least 15% of the invoice with a minimum of € 40,-. When we agree to something else, this must be put in writing before we start the assignment.

Intellectual property:
The ownership of the work remains with us until the invoice for said work has been paid.

Force majeur:
In unexpected situations, such as illness or sudden, unexpected absence of client, us, or third parties, we will try to solve this together in a reasonable fashion. If the client needs more time unexpectedly, this is not a problem, as long as it is agreed upon. Depending on the duration of absence, the assignment will be discussed again at a later date.

The deadline of a project moves up together with the moment that input is provided. Is the input provided at a later date than agreed upon, then the deadline moves up accordingly.

We can be reached by phone, whatsapp, or email. Outside of regular office hours, and in case of a free day or vacation, please allow a little more time to get back to you. We will react to your message as soon as we can.

You can discuss anything with us to make the project go as smoothly as possible. Good contact and living up to your promises are very important to us. Feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied. And, of course, also if you are satisfied. That, after all, is what we strive for.


Collection of personal details by Sure Connection:
For Sure Connection we receive emails from relations, sometimes with their company details. They provide these details themselves and sometimes we ask for details to do our work properly (basis=doing our work properly). For example: passwords from their hosting provider, the KvK number for the invoice, etc.
We are very careful with these details. Except for in Google mail, some passwords are stored in a document in Google Drive that is not shared with third parties. We share, only when strictly necessary, login details with our IT specialist, but only with consent from the client. Also, when another third party needs login details, we first ask/tell the client explicitly.
We have received an email from Google about their changed privacy policy. These details are stored without an end date, except in case someone specifically asks to have their details removed.

We use MoneyMonk for invoicing (https://www.moneymonk.nl/veiligheid).
We have a processor agreement with MoneyMonk.
This data is kept as long as Sure Connection exists and works together with MoneyMonk, unless we are asked to remove these details.

We use MailChimp for our newsletter.
MailChimp stores the names and email addresses of those who have signed up for our newsletter. They have personally signed up for this. These email addresses are not used for any other goal and we only send the requested newsletter to these addresses.
This is also mentioned in the sign-up widget on our site, in the footer and in the blog page sidebar.
These email addresses are stored as long as someone is signed up for our newsletter. As they have already signed up for it, we will not ask again for the GDPR, seeing as that is not necessary.

When someone indicates that they want us to remove or forward their information, we shall do so. Up to now (13 Dec 2019) that has never happened. There has also never been a data breach.
Our contacts have the right to:
– know which details of theirs we process;
– have their details removed;
– data portability;
– rectification and addition;
– limiting their personal info;
– object.


As we do not use targeted advertising, a cookie statement on our website is not necessary. The cookies we use are from MailChimp to see how many people receive and read our newsletter, so open and click rates are gathered and viewed on the newsletter.
We also use Google Analytics in order to keep improving our website (this data is stored for 26 months) but IP addresses are anonymized.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email info@sureconnection.nl or call 06-10207910.