The importance of a good translation

Even though the Dutch are known for their good command of the English language, a professional translation of a corporate text is very different from talking to your neighbor’s new boyfriend at a party. Many people realize this when they try to speak business English during an international meeting or presentation; all of a sudden you trip over your tongue and cannot think of the simplest words.

Then why do so too in your texts? Google Translate really isn’t the answer. Translators look up words often enough, but that is more so to choose the most fitting word, or to use a thesaurus to mix it up.

Do you want a professional business? Then also choose a professional translation. A native speaker has a knack for the language, knows the right words and idioms, and doesn’t literally translate the words that were written, but more so the feeling it should convey.

Several translations from our portfolio

“Nora delivers quality translations because she really tries to understand what the text is about and she is pleasant to work with!”

the Simulation Crew

Studying the original

Determining the amount of words

Setting the deadline

Agreeing on the rate

Input from client about terms to use


Finishing it together


Adjustments or approval

The going rate is, depending on the amount, deadline, and complexity, between 6 and 10 cents a word

Blogs about translations

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