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The importance of a photo plan


Photography is often an underrated part of a corporate identity, even though you can totally get it wrong within 0.3 seconds, or lift the whole business communication to a higher level. The choice for photography is an easy one to make, because only text is no longer an option. So let’s support your communication with photography and images. But how to choose the right ones? That isn’t that easy. In order to choose the right ones, it is important to know beforehand what your goals are and who your target audience is (very important!). Based on that, we will collect a selection of diverse material that tells the story of your company.

It is easy to be tempted to choose one particular photo per subject. But if you do so, then your super client will not see a clear line. What are you trying to say? You don’t jump around in style when you’re writing a good text, so why do so with images? Make sure you have one line with a clear goal.
So think about a photo plan, step by step, which makes you choose a fitting image, that enhances your business communication and tells your story in a clear way. It is also important to think about functionality, composition, and esthetics. A professional will have a trained eye, so make sure to make use of that!

Several photo plans from our portfolio

Your photos are an important part of your corporate identity. The color, the light, the subjects, and imagery: they add so much power to your message. It is so easy to get it wrong. Whether you have them custom-made, buy them from an agency, or use them for free, don’t forget to give your photo plan the attention it deserves!



2 Mood boards

Your choice of one mood board/style

First photo selection

Your feedback

2nd selection round

Guidelines for own photography, when required

Purchase of stock photography

Placing of the photos

From 5 images (excl. purchase) 245 euros

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