The importance of findability


With ‘search engine’ we basically mean Google, because more than 90% of internet searches are done through Google. And Google pretty much has its own rules about which websites to show in the search results. Yeah, I guess you have to think of some way to order the 1.5 billion existing websites, right?

That most people don’t look beyond the first page is well known: 18% click on the first result, 10% on the second one, and 7% on the third. Just guess how much is left for you if you’re on the third page.

But okay, not everyone can be at the top of the search results. We get that. And throwing a lot of money at Ads, something Google would like, of course, is not that necessary, in our opinion. Google changes their SEO rules about 500 to 600 times a year. But despite that, the most important rules mostly remain the same.

Do you want a website that can be found? If you let us make your site, we can include SEO, its emphasise depending on how important it is for you. Our knowledge of basic SEO is good, but for the more serious work we have an SEO expert in our team.

Several examples of SEO from our portfolio

  • 70-80% of users ignore sponsored results (SEA).

  • 60% of users clicks on 1 of the top 3 results, only 21% clicks on multiple options.

  • 50% of searches exists of four words or more (long tail keywords).

  • Good SEO can take up to a year.


How important is findability for your site?

Advice about basic SEO

What can you do yourself?

Indication of costs

Execution and explanation

More advice if necessary

Including a specialist if needed

Your site can be found!

Blogs about SEO

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