Are you filled with ideas, but you don't have time to do anything with them? Or is there a lack of ideas about how to attract more customers? Let us help you!
We will help you tell the story of your company, product, or service - with the right words & images, to the right people.
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Graphic Design

A graphic designer who thinks and feels along with you. A logo that reflects your company and personality, a brochure that is strong in marketing, a user-friendly website; Lisa can transform anything into the right images.

Lisa Schultz has been a graphic designer since 1998. She has made many entrepreneurs happy with a logo that suits the personality of the company perfectly, a beautiful website, or an attractive poster or brochure. Her specialities are logos and a complete corporate identity. She always presents surprising elements and good advice.

  • A visual identity that fits you;
  • Give your clients a feeling of reliability and professionalism;
  • Corporate identities, logos, and business cards;
  • Websites, brochures, and leaflets.
Words & Images

The story of your company in words & images – in the form of a website, webshop, brochure, marketing advice, press release, or newsletter. With extensive knowledge of marketing, user friendliness, and what suits you.

We’re very motivated to think up ways to promote your business, together with you. First of all, we have a good look at your target audience and how we can reach it in the best way, for example via media, with actions, flyers, leaflets, a good website, findability, etc. We also love coming up with additonal original and fitting ideas for your company.

For starting entrepreneurs and companies that want to reposition or be more international.  

Due to our knowledge of making websites combined with marketing, language, graphic design, and SEO, we form a strong partner for building a personal, complete website, that completely fits you and your company.


• A good (often first) impression of your company;
• Website builders with knowledge of communication and user friendliness (UX);
• Professional programmers;
• Findability (SEO) integrated and more as an extra option.

Texts and Translations

The right words to tell the story, the feeling with a purpose. Nora is a text writer with knowledge of markting and SEO. A text that comes to the core of the message. Texts and translations in English and Dutch.


Nora Schultz loves language. She’s always loved to read and write stories, in Dutch – her mother tongue – and English – her father’s tongue. She writes webtexts, articles, texts for brochures, press releases, blogs, and loves to translate. She comes to the core of the message and helps to make texts short and concise.

• Texts for websites, brochures, blogs, news letters, etcetera;
• In Dutch and English;
• Marketing and SEO friendly;
• Knowledge of marketing and making websites.



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Nora and Lisa have been working together


articles and blog texts

were written by Nora in 2017



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Lisa’s background

At the end of her study, where the importance of the combination of marketing, communication, and design were emphasized, Lisa chose for design as her speciality. Due to her work experience as a graphic designer at a wholesaler for gift articles, as the sales and communications department and designer at a photo agency, and as a freelance graphic designer, Lisa has a lot of experience. Within her own foundation, that was founded in 2002, she does organization, communication, and fund raising. She loves to think along with a client and always comes up with original ideas.

A designer with feeling

Asks the right questions

Wants to be as enthusiastic about the endresult as you!


Nora and Lisa always wanted to start a little shop together, preferably under the stairs. They sold drawings and plastic bags to their parents for 10 cents. Later, they learned a lot from those parents by working in their company. There, they learned all about the freedom and responsibility that comes with owning your own company. In 2002, they founded their own foundation,  Stichting Smiles, that made them realize what a good team they were. They work with lots of enthusiasm and complement each other. Lisa works well with emotions, Nora is more pragmatic. At Sure Connection, they also complement each other, now with words and images. With their combined knowledge, way of working, and input, they want to help clients tell their story as best they can and attract more customers.

A good team

Love coffee moments...

...but also working really hard.


Nora studied Culture & Policy. Organizing and planning played a big part in this. Eventually, Nora chose the speciality filmfestivals, and interned at the London Film Festival for 4 months. Due to her long career at a photo agency, she has a lot of commercial experience. In her own foundation, that was founded in 2002, she does organization, communication, and fund raising. As the eldest of two daughters with an American father and Dutch mother, she has learned English from birth. That is her father tongue, just like Dutch is her mother tongue. With a lot of affinity and love for language, and her bilingual upbringing, Nora is a very natural and competent translator and writer in both languages.

Gets to the core of the story

Implements her knowledge of marketing and SEO

Is a pragmatic word-nerd