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Our Terms & Conditions

Shore Connection / Our Terms & Conditions


The commissioning company, hereafter to be called ‘the client’, agrees with these terms and conditions when the written agreement for the assignment is given.


  • The first meeting per Skype or by phone with us is always completely free of charge and non-binding. We will discuss your wishes and the possibilities we can offer.


  • Price quote:

After our first conversation, you will receive a proposal with a price quote from us. This quote is also completely free of charge and noncommittal. There is an expiration date on the quote. If you want to accept the quote after that date, the price may possibly need to be adjusted. If the quote turns out not to completely fit your wishes in the meantime, we would also like to adjust it for you.

All the mentioned rates and prices mentioned by us are excluding 21% tax. This will be added to the invoice.


  • Additional services:

Anything that is not mentioned in the price quote does not fall within the agreed upon price. If the client requires or asks for extra services or products, the price with be adjusted accordingly.


  • After the agreement: 

When you have agreed to the price quote in writing, we will start working for you. The costs of the done work are for the client.


  • Billing for a short-term assignment: 

When a short-term assignment has been completed, you will receive the invoice. Sometimes there will be an extra invoice after a certain amount of work has been completed. This will be clearly stated on the price quote.

The date of publication, the ordering of the printed material, or other actions on the side of the client are not of influence. When we have completed the work, we’ll send the invoice. Of course, we will confer with the client about if the assignment has been completed to their satisfaction.


  • Billing for a long-term assignment:

Does an assignment run longer than a month, then we make the invoice on one of the first work days of the following month for the work done in the month before. This way, the client doesn’t have to pay the whole amount in one go, but payment is spread and we keep our cash flow healthy. Sometimes there will be an extra invoice after a certain amount of work has been completed. This will be stated clearly on the price quote.

In exceptional cases, the client will receive the invoice a few days later than at the beginning of the month, for example, if the assignment has almost been completed at the end of the month before. Then the invoice will follow a few days later.


  • Terminating an assignment:

If an assignment is terminated before completion, after having given a written agreement, for whatever reason, we will send an invoice for the work that has been done that is to be paid by the client. The work that has not been completed will remain ours.


  • Checking and own responsibility: 

The client is responsible for checking and approval of the work done by us. Of course, we strive to submit faultless work, but we cannot be held responsible for any (spelling) mistakes. Also, any consequential costs are for the client. Correcting any mistakes and, for example, replacing printed materials are for the client in case the submitted work has been agreed to.


  • Agreeing with submitted work:

When the client has paid the invoice for submitted and done work, the client automatically agrees with the work. Afterwards, any adjustments will not be made by us without additional costs, except for when agreed upon.


  • Paying on time:

If we have submitted our work in an orderly and timely fashion, we would also appreciate it if the client would pay the resulting invoice on time. Our standard term for payment is 14 days. The term could be different than the standard, in this case, it is stated in writing beforehand. When the payment takes too long, we will transfer the bill to a collection agency. We will charge extra for this. The costs will be at least 15% of the billing amount, with a minimum of 40 euros. In case of different agreements, these need to be stated beforehand.


  • Ownership and copyright:

Ownership and copyright of the work done by us will remain with us until the resulting invoice has been paid.


  • Beyond control:

In case anything happens to the involved parties that is beyond our control, be it to us, the client, or third parties, we will try to solve this in a reasonable fashion. If the client needs more time unexpectedly, this is not a problem, if discussed openly and fairly. Depending on the duration of the absence, the assignment can be discussed again at a later moment.


  • Reaching us:

You can reach us by phone, Whatsapp, or email. Please give us a bit more time to get back to you outside of normal office hours or during vacation or a day off. We always respond to messages as soon as we can.


  • You can discuss anything with us to make the assignment as easy as possible for you. We value good contact and keeping our promises. Feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied. And, of course, if you are satisfied. Because after all, that is what we strive for.


Collecting personal information by Sure Connection

For Sure Connection, we receive emails from relations, sometimes with business and/or personal details. Those details are supplied voluntarily; sometimes we ask for additional information that we need to do our work properly. For example: passwords for the hosting provider, the KvK number for the bill, etc. We are careful with these details. Except for in Google mail, some passwords are kept in a Google Drive document that is not shared with anyone else. We do share, but only if strictly necessary, login details with our IT specialist, but only with explicit permission of the client. If other third parties need details, we only share them if we have explicit permission. We have received an email from Google about their new privacy policy. These details are kept indefinitely unless someone asks us to delete them.

For billing, we use MoneyMonk. We have an agreement with MoneyMonk. These details are stored as long as Sure Connection exists and works with MoneyMonk, unless we are asked to delete details.

For our newsletter, we use MailChimp. In MailChimp, we keep the names and email addresses of people who signed up for our newsletter. They personally signed up for it. These email addresses will not be used for anything else or for any other reason and we only send the requested newsletter to these addresses. That is also stated in the registration widget on our site, in the footer and in the sidebar of the blog page. These email addresses are stored as long as someone is signed up for the newsletter. Seeing as they already gave their explicit permission for this, we shall not ask for permission again at this point, as that is not necessary.

When someone requests us to delete or share information, we shall. That has never happened so far and there has never been a data leak.
Our contacts have a right to:
– see which details of theirs we store;
– be forgotten (for us to remove their information);
– data portability (for us to send their details to a third party);
– rectification and amendment;
– removing certain details:
– object.

Seeing as we don’t use targeted advertising on our site, a cookie statement is not necessary. The cookies that are in use are of MailChimp, to see how many people receive and read our newsletter, so open and click behavior is tracked. We also use Google Analytics to keep improving our website (these details are kept for 26 months).

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at info@sureconnection.nl or call 06-10207910.