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I like my comfortzone

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I like my comfortzone

Why is everybody always telling me to get out of my comfort zone?

I thrive best in my comfort zone, because I know what I’m good at and can get better at it.


Of course I make that comfort zone bigger, but from within, if you know what I mean. I may try out something new, but if that doesn’t feel good, I just don’t do it! Within my comfort zone I am strong; outside of it, I’m insecure. Do I really want to feel like that all the time because others say I should? No!


Do you want to feel strong or insecure?


I read it again yesterday, by a business coach: “Come out of your comfort zone and go to networking gatherings!” I’ve already tried that and it wasn’t for me.


I wonder which entrepreneur, who’s gone to network meetings in the first years, keeps doing so for years. Maybe entrepreneurs who really like talking, especially about themselves, because there are quite a lot of those. But when we had a closer look at how much business it actually brought us, and how much time it cost us, we stopped going.


I do have to admit that we have the luxury at the moment, although that could change at any time, that we don’t really have to do any acquisition. People mostly come to us with a request for help. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it’s different from when we first started out.


See if it can be done differently


Lisa has her own network club. They’re all entrepreneurs who come together once a month. She gets business from that group, but also a lot of leads. She’s also part of a training with exclusively other entrepreneurs. That provides direct contact, over a longer period of time.


We’re also on freelance.nl, where we regularly find good assignments. We’ve gotten quite a few from this platform already, even though the competition is killing.

I think we’ve just mostly built a fantastic network over the years, and that happy customers recommend us and return for more services. But yeah, that takes time.


Now this blog is about networking, all of a sudden, and not about my comfort zone so much, that I seem to have to leave all the time. Of course, there is a correlation, because I did come out of it, but going to those network meetings, it just wasn’t for me, so I don’t go anymore. And that’s fine!


Make your own definition of comfort zone


A comfort zone is described as a situation in which someone feels safe and relaxed. With the following example that someone has to come out of their comfort zone to give a presentation. But do you not feel safe and relaxed during the presentation? I don’t think that’s necessarily good. If you know that the presentation is important for your business, and you want to do it, then isn’t it a good idea? I would say, make sure you feel safe and relaxed! If you really hate the idea, it feels pointless and you lie away at night and cannot function properly? Don’t do it! First, make sure you have the techniques to feel safe and relaxed.


I asked Bas van Venrooij, who I think is a super entrepreneur:

“What does a ‘comfort zone’ mean to you as an entrepreneur?”

“Personally, I like keeping a financial buffer (at all times) to keep feeling comfortable. When I just started out, I did everything to try new things and didn’t have a brake. Unfortunately, this has also worked against me. Since then, I do everything to stay in a sort of comfort zone and try new things out more carefully. But I do want to keep doing new things because that’s the fun part of being an entrepreneur.”

“Do you also always feel pressured to get out of your comfort zone?”

“Yes, I do, haha! But I think about it twice, now.”

“Do you do that a lot and then what is the result?”

“It makes me intensely happy and motivated to try new things and not the same thing for too long.”

“Did you want to say anything else about the comfort zone?”

“I would say, keep challenging yourself and try new things, but be careful with the big steps and talk to others about it. A person can do silly things from enthusiasm and that could have a nasty outcome!”



Gosh, such insight!

Richard Branson talked about getting out of your comfort zone. He gave some tips.


“Read a book you normally wouldn’t read”. Wow, that I hadn’t thought of that myself! Is keeping a journal really ‘escaping from what feels safe’?


I don’t know, I think the definition of comfort zone is different for everyone. And that we have to keep leaving it, is regurgitated bullshit, in my opinion. Define it for yourself.

So comfort zone, for me, that’s where I feel good. Things that don’t feel good, but others tell me I should be doing, I just don’t do them. There always someone else for whom it does fit in their comfort zone. Let them do it…



Do you sometimes or often do things outside of your comfort zone? I’m very curious about that, and especially about what the results are. So situations in which you didn’t feel safe and relaxed, but that turned out to be useful and that you did, or still do, for many years. Because, if you do something enough times, it eventually falls within your comfort zone again.


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