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Do you also offer your clients a lot of different services or products?

I know an entrepreneur who has a webshop for vegan clothing and products, and has a webshop specialized in pants, and she runs a communication and advice agency. There’s also an entrepreneur who has a brick-and-mortar store in the center of Amsterdam that is doing really well, has a webshop with special products that are made or designed in Amsterdam, and has a webshop for the jewelry she makes herself.

Yes, you know it too, entrepreneurs have a hard time sitting still. Especially our heads are difficult to quiet down from all the possibilities.


I don’t want a niche


During courses and in articles about successful entrepreneurship, we are often told to find a ‘niche’. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t want a niche! And I think a lot of other entrepreneurs think the same way; it is too restrictive. Yes, people will be able to find you better on that one thing you thought up and you can focus all of your marketing on it, but one niche? I don’t think so! We’d just get bored, if we had to do the same thing all day. Because that’s what it sounds like to me. Then we might as well go work for a boring boss, right?

Unless you delve deep into that one niche and market it right. If you say, for example, “I only do social media”. And then do that for a lot of different companies and get everything out of it that you possibly can and become the specialist everyone wants to work with. And sure, they can also get texts or a translation from you. Would that still be a niche? Sure, why not! Or if you say, my niche is pants! And follow that up with having two other companies, haha.


“In the U.S. alone, 26% of small business owners are running more than 1 company.”

Organizing your services well


An entrepreneur is usually not easily pigeonholed. I think a good entrepreneur also doesn’t like to say ‘no’. And is enthused by a lot of different things. And often thinks, ‘Why not, I can do that too’. To quietly cancel that URL you bought a year earlier because you just don’t have time to do anything with it. But plans and ideas will always keep coming.


I already mentioned Mariël van den Donk, a multitalented entrepreneur with the communication agency and two webshops. And Suzanne Hof, of the brick-and-mortar store in Amsterdam, with her own jewelry line and webshop in products made or designed in Amsterdam.  A while ago I said to her, “You can just do all of that at the same time!” To which she said, “Well, not really”. Hmmmm. So what does that mean? How come some entrepreneurs want to do so much at the same time? Do we want too much?



Combining services for clarity


Not only is it a good idea to make it clear for yourself what it is exactly that you offer your clients – and to communicate that well, obviously – but you can also combine certain services to explain it better.

We’re going to redo our own website again – yes, again! We really only get positive remarks about our website, which we appreciate very much (although you never hear negative reactions, really), but we ourselves don’t think it’s clear enough. Especially because we always tell our clients that it’s important to see what a website is about immediately.

That’s why we decided to make different pages on our new site where we can combine different services in a sort of package deal. But where clients can add or remove items they don’t need or have someone else for. With a clear message, we can target our own marketing better towards our target audience. Although I must say, what we do is becoming more and more. It’s all so much fun!


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